Certified Exporters of Super Kernel Basmati Rice from Pakistan

Aisha Rice Traders is one of the leading exporters, suppliers, distributor and wholesalers of premium quality super kernel Basmati rice which is regarded as the “”King of Rice”.  We have been supplying and exporting Pakistani grown super kernel Basmati rice across Pakistan and to various countries internationally.  Our grain is recognized worldwide due to its extra large size, nutty flavor, typical Basmati aroma and a flavor that once you eat you will never forget it.  Since we have our very own and selected farms of super kernel Basmati rice in Pakistan we are offering a complete range of this rice at lowest price with supreme quality.

Pakistan’s Signature Super Kernel Basmati Rice Offering Unique Aroma & Excellent Taste

If you have been a rice importer, you know very well that super kernel Basmati rice from Pakistan has no comparison since Pakistan is the largest exporter of super kernel Basmati rice. We hand-pick and filter out the most gold like grains from the province of Punjab in Pakistan to deliver the signature aroma, excellent taste , long grain size , nutty flavor in every single grain of our kernel Basmati i rice. What makes the Pakistani super kernel Basmati grain best is that it requires almost zero Tricyclazole which is a harmful fungicide that is required for the growth of Basmati rice. Mother Nature has gifted Pakistani soil a gift that it doesn’t require any harmful fungicide for the growth of Basmati rather it grows in all natural conditions of Pakistani soil.

Characteristics & Properties of Our Super Kernel Basmati

Aisha Rice Traders believes exporting and distributing only the finest quality grain of super kernel Basmati rice.  What makes our rice unique is its longest grain size, non-glutinous, cylindrical shape, rice texture, unmatchable taste, fluffy appearance and yes, Aisha Rice Trader’s signature packaging options as per your need. Following are the details of super kernel Basmati rice

  1. AGL (Average Grain Length) : 7.2 mm
  2. Broken : 4.0 %
  3. Moisture : 14.00 % (Max)
  4. Paddy Grain : 0.05%
  5. Green Grain : 3.00 % (Max)
  6. Shriveled : 1.00 %
  7. Foreign Body : 0 %