Pakistani Exporters of Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Aisha Rice Traders offers Pakistan Parboiled Sella rice cultivated in the foothills of Himalayas, Interior Punjab and Sindh. Parboiled rice is widely regarded as Sella rice which is milled differently as compared to non-parboiled rice.  As one of the top parboiled rice exporters, we only hand-pick the best Basmati rice paddy for the parboiling process.

The process begins with soaking the paddy into water and let the paddy to absorb enough water to become non-gelatinized. The paddy then goes through steaming process making the grains hard and yellowish in color. This process makes each grain hard and prevents from breakage.   Our parboiled (Sella) rice is can be regarded as the “Queen of fragrance” when it comes to aroma.   The hydrothermal steaming process partially boils the un-husked rice making each grain strong.

Different Types of Parboiled Rice

Aisha Rice Traders offers complete variety of Pakistani parboiled (sella) rice at best prices.  Following are the varieties of parboiled rice that we offer.

  1. 1121 Basmati Rice (white Sella)
  2. 1121 Basmati Rice (golden Sella)
  3. 1121 Basmati Rice (steam)
  4. 1121 Basmati Rice (raw)

Specification & Uses of 1121 XXL Parboiled Rice

As top Parboiled rice exporters we offer Sella rice which is of highest nutritional value, meet international health standards and offers excellent taste. Pakistani parboiled rice is consumed worldwide in various dishes such as Biryani , fried rice etc.

The best characteristics of parboiled rice are that it remains fluffy and doesn’t stick after cooking. We are the most reliable Parboiled rice exporters that guarantees longest grain size and non-breakage.


  1. Length of Rice: 7.45 mm Max.
  2. Damage & discolored: Nil
  3. Black Grains: Nil
  4. Foreign Matter: Nil
  5. Taste: Sweet
  6. Moisture: 12% Maximum