Economical Non-Basmati Rice From Pakistani Suppliers

Aisha Rice Traders is exporting the finest quality non-Basmati rice for our customers looking for the best and economical variety of rice. Even our economical rice range can be compared to the premium range of other non-Basmati rice suppliers. Our non-Basmati rice is organically cultivated in Punjab and fits the international hygiene criteria. We are offering non-Basmati rice in different broken percentages as well which includes 5%, 10%, 25%, and 100% broken rice.  No matter which percentage you choose it can be exported in top varieties including parboiled, white, steam, double steam, silky polish and double polish.

Top Non-Basmati Rice Exporters

Aisha Rice Traders is a top rice exporting company offering all types of non-basmati rice in long, medium and short sizes. Our range of non-Basmati rice includes the following types depending on their growth seasons.

  1. PK-386 Long Grain Rice
  2. IRRI-6 White Rice
  3. IRRI-9 White Rice
  4. Aisha Dawat Rice
  5. Aisha Double Polish Rice
  6. Aisha Special #70 Rice

Why This Rice Is Cheaper Than Other Varieties??

We have intentionally added this non-Basmati variety which is cheaper and economical than the rest of the varieties which includes super kernel basmati rice and premium Pakistani basmati rice.  As your own non-Basmati rice exporters we know that everyone’s requirement is not same. Not every dishes required Basmati rice neither every pocket can afford expensive rice.

Why We Are Offering Economical Non-Basmati Rice?

This economical non-Basmati category is for everyone to enjoy the finest quality grains at lowest possible prices. Since we have our very own farms we have kept the prices as low as possible to make it possible for every rice lover to enjoy premium quality grains at best price.

How Is The Quality Of This Non-Basmati Rice?

It doesn’t mean that the we have compromised over quality but due to the fact that our supplies, distribution and export is on bulk quantities we can still manage to make a little profit out of this while offering you the highest nutritional rice with excellent taste.