Pure Pakistani Basmati Rice by Leading Suppliers

Aisha Rice Traders brings its unique range of premium Pakistani Basmati rice grown in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. Our Pakistani Basmati rice is ideal and widely used in the preparation of exotic cuisines and as a supplement to various European dishes. It is among some of the healthiest food diet for athletes and plays a vital role in weight loss.  Our premium Pakistani Basmati rice just differs from the super kernel basmati rice in one parameter which is its grain length. It is fractionally shorter but almost same in the flavor and nutritional content.

Characteristics Premium Pakistani Basmati Rice

As one of the most reliable Basmati rice suppliers of Pakistan our basmati range can be characterized by its long grain, super-fine cylindrical appearance and a length to breadth ration of 3.5.  It usually has a prominent sweet taste, fluffy texture, delicate curvature and a tendency to elongate more after cooking which makes it an ideal choice for the preparation of a very famous Indo-Paki cuisine “Biryani”.  Being a top Basmati rice wholesaler we have never received a single complaint about this rice being stuck together after cooking.

We Hand-Pick Only the Finest Grains of Basmati Rice

Aisha Rice Traders leaves no stone unturned when it comes to strict quality control and inspection. We are amongst the top contenders in the list of Basmati rice distributors of Pakistani just because we don’t compromise on quality. We only select the best paddy which meets all the principles of necessary nutrition, low glycemic index, gluten and non-genetically modified.