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Our Process

As top rice suppliers and exporters we only select the finest paddy. Paddy selection is the first and the most laborious job which most of the rice exporters avoid. We take small samples of the paddies and finalize the best one using lab test to make sure the paddy is of highest nutritional value. Every sample has to meet strict quality criteria which include cooking test, aroma test, nutritional value exam etc.

The paddy is then let to lose its moisture content using modern ways.  We let the paddy to dry naturally so that the grain won’t burst later.  Husking process involves removing the outer most layers (husk) of the rice and keeping the bran and the germ intact. This process also includes picking out the most premium basmati and non-basmati grains keeping the natural nutrition intact.

As a most reliable rice supplier in Pakistan we make sure that every batch of rice is free from external agents. The job of our cleaning process is to make each grain hygienic. We remove straw, mud balls, dust, threads, stones, and paddy remains.

This is the process where the rice gets its look. The polishing process includes removal of bran layer. The rice goes through polishing machines where each grain gets polished and whitened.  The polishing process gives rice a clean and glossy texture like a pearl.

Grading is done to categorize different quality of rice based on their thickness, length, nutritional value and appearance. In this process broken grains are separated from the long head rice. The grading process also groups rice with respect to their size.

The final step is to sort rice based on their characteristic. Sorted rice depending on the length, thickness, colors, polishing and nutritional value is called sortex rice. The sortex rice is then goes to the packing area where each type of rice is packed in the signature Aisha Trader’s packaging bags.

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