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Aisha Traders supply, export and distribute finest quality rice across the globe & all-over Pakistan

We Export & Supply All Types Of Rice

Aisha Traders is one of the most reliable rice exporter and wholesaler in Pakistan. We export all types of rice including Basmati, Super Kernel Basmati, Non-Basmati, Parboiled (Sella), and broken rice variants.  We have our high skilled inspection team that pick only the best padding for further milling. Form seed selection process to irrigating and harvesting we use technological methods to make the paddy is of highest nutritional value.  At Aisha Traders we are committed to provide all our overseas and Pakistan customers the best quality rice at affordable prices.  We provide wholesale rice distribution in Pakistan and internationally.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

As one of the biggest exporter and suppliers of Pakistani we guarantee you to offer lowest price from other suppliers. We pick the finest quality basmati rice from our own authorize farms mainly from Punjab and Sind. Our rice is grown using traditional methods which is free from hazardous fertilizers. Being a top rice company in Pakistan, each of our rice variant is quality checked thoroughly before dispatching.  No matter which type of rice you want just send us your inquiry we will arrange any type of rice type you want no matter if it is listed in our product list or not.


Our Process

At Aisha Rice Traders we choose only the best rice seed which are lab test and examined to ensure finest quality grain.  Our seeds are lab test to ensure maximum nutritional value, excellent taste and unforgettable aroma.  Our entire range of Super Kernel Basmati is grown in Punjab region while the Non-Basmati is from the Sind region of Pakistan.  Only the best quality fertilizers are used in our growth process which is internationally certified and causes no hygiene issue to the crop.

Pakistan is among the top rice exporting country in the world. The premium Super Kernel Basmati rice is the pride of Pakistan. Pakistan is the top supplier of basmati rice offering the best taste and nutritional value.  Rice suppliers from Pakistan usually have their own farms where the best quality grain cropped which supported by the natural climatic conditions of Pakistan that is highly in favor of rice growth. Hence Pakistan rice is the best rice in the world in terms of taste, fragrance and of course pricing.

Aisha Rice Traders owns some of the world most advanced rice processing mills in Pakistan. We are family run rice exporting business and holds reputation of exporting only the finest quality basmati, non-basmati and parboiled rice of Pakistan.

XXL Super Kernel Basmati Longest Grain

$ 1300
  • Per Metric Ton
  • Longest Grain
  • Organic grown

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